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PL Social Media Showdown: Manchester City exceeds Liverpool's Instagram follower account


Social media has become an integral part of football, and clubs are using it to connect with fans in more innovative and exciting ways. Instagram, in particular, has become a hotspot for football-related content, with millions of supporters following their favorite clubs online. The Premier League is not exempt from this trend, and several clubs have made it on social media platforms like Instagram.

Manchester City (42.1 million followers) has recently surpassed Liverpool's Instagram follower count, becoming the second most followed club in England. However, they are still a considerable distance behind the leading club, Manchester United. With 61.7 million followers, Manchester United is by far the most followed Premier League club on Instagram, while Manchester City has just crossed the 40 million mark.

Other Premier League clubs that have made it big on social media include Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur. Chelsea has over 39.8 million Instagram followers, making it the third most followed club in England. Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have over 26 million and 15.3 million followers, respectively, making them the fourth and fifth most followed clubs in England.

But it's not just about the number of followers. Social media engagement is also essential, and clubs are using creative ways to interact with their followers. Liverpool, for example, has the highest social media engagement rate of any Premier League club, with 2.55 million engagements per post. Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur also have high engagement rates, with 1.9 million, 1.5 million, and 1.1 million engagements per post, respectively.

Football clubs are also leveraging social media platforms to generate revenue, with Instagram being a crucial driver of social media revenue. Manchester United leads the pack, generating $23.2 million in revenue from Instagram in 2022. Chelsea generated $16.3 million, while Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur generated $10.5 million and $5.6 million, respectively.

While Manchester United leads the pack in terms of Instagram followers and revenue, other clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur have also made significant strides. These clubs are using creative ways to engage with their followers and generate revenue, and their social media presence is likely to play an increasingly vital role in connecting with fans worldwide.

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